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ExploreDiscoverShoot is a community for photographers, YouTube creators and filmmakers who shoot landscapes and travel.

When you take part and get published, you’ll get more exposure, more likes and live links to your YouTube channel, Instagram and website.

Here’s What ExploreDiscoverShoot Will Do for You

1. Your work will always be fully credited with live links to drive traffic to your properties

2. We’ll promote you on our social media channels

3. We’ll feature you on our email list

Please note that all work will be reviewed and evaluated for suitability before posting.


Guidelines for Contributions

Ideally, we’re looking for a video (if you have one) and still images about one location or area. See our existing posts for examples.

We would like a group of at least 3 high quality image JPEGs, about 2000 pixels width and a maximum of 72 dpi resolution

Please name your files descriptively so we know what we’re looking at. You may send up to a maximum of 15 files. Please send all files in a single ZIP archive.

Give us your YouTube share link, and image files. 

Also, give us a short description of your video and images. Useful information includes:

  • The location featured in your video and images
  • Any special tips for photographing there
  • How to get there
  • Where to park, how far from parking to the location
  • GPS if you have it
  • Whether it’s best for sunrise or sunset
  • Any other useful information, e.g. a good nearby restaurant / pub

Assume you’re telling friends about it. Give them what they need to know.

Don’t worry about polishing your writing. Just provide the information, and we’ll edit to make an interesting article about your photography and video.


So, please give us:

  • Your first and last name, email address, and country you’re from
  • A description of your photos / video 
  • Your YouTube share link, YouTube channel, Instagram, website URL
  • Your image files

Send your files and information to

If you have any questions or suggestions, use the same email address. Thank you.

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