Learn to Improve Your Landscape and Travel Photography

One of the joys of landscape and travel photography is constant learning – new ways of seeing, new ideas for filmmaking and photographing, new directions for compositions and editing.

Our goal at ExploreDiscoverShoot is to help us learn from each other and see the world in a different way.

Put these filmmaking and photography tutorials to work. Then grab your camera and go!

Learn About New Gear and Accessories

We know it’s all about the resulting videos and photographs.

But we also know that having the right gear helps.

These days there is more photography gear than ever: more cameras, more lenses and many more accessories.

We’ll feature gear that applies directly to landscape and travel photography.

We’ll help you make the best buying decisions, take better photos and make better videos.



ExploreDiscoverShoot is a community of landscape and travel photographers and filmmakers.


You’ll get more exposure and live links to your work.

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