ExploreDiscoverShoot FAQ

We will continue to update this FAQ as we get further questions.

Is the ExploreDiscoverShoot website for you?

ExploreDiscoverShoot is for anyone who is interested in learning about or creating landscape or travel videos and photographs.

Where do the videos and photographs on the site come from?

The photographs and videos are contributed by various photographers and filmmakers. They get full credit, and links back to their YouTube channels, Instagram feeds and websites. Our goal is to increase their traffic and boost their SEO.

Do contributors to ExploreDiscoverShoot get paid?

We don’t pay for any contributions. However, we provide a full credit and live links to the contributor’s YouTube channel, Instagram and website. We will promote ExploreDiscoverShoot, in effect, promoting the work of the contributors.

Who owns the video and images on ExploreDiscoverShoot?

All videos and images are owned by their creators. ExploreDiscoverShoot has no claim to ownership of the materials in any way.

By uploading materials to the site, creators grant us permission to display the work and to use the work in the promotion of the site.

Owners retain all rights and copyright to their work and ExploreDiscoverShoot will not infringe upon these rights.

How will we use the submitted material to promote ExploreDiscoverShoot?

We will use images or screen shots from submissions and feature them in social media such as, but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Links will go back to those works as featured on ExploreDiscoverShoot.

Allowing promotional use of contributors’ images will be a condition to be featured on the site.

If you are not comfortable with this, please do not submit materials.

How can you be part of ExploreDiscoverShoot?

We recommend that you first review the site to see if your videos or still photography would fit in. Please remember that our focus is landscapes and travel.

We are also looking for well-done product reviews or comparisons, as long as they are relevant to landscapes or travel.

By contrast, this site is NOT for portraits, food, interiors, cars, etc.

Please use our upload page to be part of ExploreDiscoverShoot.

Where are the videos hosted?

ExploreDiscoverShoot assumes that you are hosting the video on a reliable service such as YouTube or Vimeo. We will link to that.

We prefer not to link to privately hosted videos because of reliability issues. It’s important that we provide a good viewing experience for visitors.

Where are still photos hosted?

We will host them on ExploreDiscoverShoot. We ask you to upload a JPEG, optimized for screen resolution.

If you upload something, is it automatically featured on the site?

No. We review everything before we make it visible on the site. We look for an interesting variety in the work shown, to a reasonably high standard.

At times we will also have specific types of videos / images in mind to create a theme.

In some cases, it may take time before any given submission is visible on the site, depending on the number we’ve received.

Who decides what is featured on the site?

Currently, we decide that. Should the site grow to where we need help, we’ll enlist additional site managers.

How often will we feature new work?

Our goal is to constantly update the site, with a few new features every week. Depending on the number of submissions, it may be more frequent.

Is there an opportunity to advertise on the site?

Once the site gains suitable traffic, we will accept advertising.

Who founded ExploreDiscoverShoot?

ExploreDiscoverShoot was founded by Simon Burn and Andy Strote. When we’re not out exploring and shooting, we’re working with brands and travel/tourism organizations creating marketing strategies and compelling photography and video content. We’re based in Toronto, Canada, and Kent, UK.


ExploreDiscoverShoot is a community of landscape and travel photographers and filmmakers.


You’ll get more exposure and live links to your work.

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